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HUNT-THE-WOLF-2013 , 01-04.05.2013.

Vijesti 14. ožujka 2013.


HUNT-THE-WOLF-2013 , 01-04.05.2013.


Sedmu godinu zaredom održava se offroad utrka Hunt the Wolf u gradu Cluj-Napoca u Rumunjskoj.

Utrka traje 3 dana i prolazi kroz Transylvaniju.



May is the month of the wolf. For the 7th time ATVs, Quads and Side-by-Sides gallop through the wooded hills of Transylvania, by night and in the sunshine, over plains and valleys. The toughest ATV race in Europe excites everyone with its difficult off-road routes, with the number of prizes to be awarded, with excellent organization. Actually, the organizers (Authentic-Spirit, Primul-ATV-Magazin and Foxracing) are very experienced pilots themselves! Of course, there are several categories, suited for both extreme and moderate pilots, for ATV, Quad and Side-by-Side, because we don’t want any of the competitors to be over- or underworked.

So, take notice: HUNT-THE-WOLF-2013, between 1-4 May 2013, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The long journey to this country is absolutely worth it, as our international contestants state. Better drive 1000 km for 3 and a half days of complete off-road than 500 km for one and a half hours of circle driving on a track! After all, only HUNT-THE-WOLF is 100% Off Road, from the first kilometer to the last – and that over 3 and a half days long!


Or are you afraid of the bad wolf?