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Adly 2007.

Zanimljivosti 5. ožujka 2007.



Adly 2007.

ADLY je izbacio nove modele za 2007:

U prilogu je mail koji su nam poslali, a uskoro će biti i slike na portalu:

Dear Nino,

Thanks for your e-mail dated March 3, 2007 along with your forum-portal. Thanks.  It's fantasy of the website and you do a good job !  Great !

By the way,  I'm pleased to inform you that our new models of ATV-300XS & ATV-320U are completed and I'm pleased to introduce for you reference as follows : 
1) The ATV 300XS is the model embodies the perfect combination of agility and power. It’s four-stroke, 4 valves single-overhead-cam engine with reverse system and front/read disc brake. For more information about it's frame, Steering System, Suspension System, lighting system and Instrument, you may refer to attached .pdf file for further understanding.  This is an unique Sporty ATV that good for jumping while ensuring great handling on most terrains which would satisfy more advanced sport riders and more recreational riders. It's simply the best !
2). ATV-320AU is the Utility model with 4 stroke, 4 valves, Ceramic cylinder, CVT engine with Low-High speed…etc which performs better in anti-worn out and heat transfer that would increase the durability of the cylinder.  Being utilizing the needle bearing, the friction between rocker arm and shaft can be tremendously reduced so as to have less power loss.  This is an unique Utility ATV that with beautiful outshape, poweful engine and functional equipement which also can be included the front carrier as the optional accessory.  It's also simple the best of 2007 models too and I hope this information is useful to you.

I will let you know always if we have any new models are complete developped.  I will keep you inform.

Best regards,